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The Meaning Of Flowers

Each flower has a meaning derived through a combination history, legend, art, and style. These meanings are communicated through the color and shape of each flower, a subtle yet undeniable effect. So explore the meaning behind each fresh floral bouquet and meticulous arrangement we offer and choose the exact meaning you wish to communicate.



The deep color of the beautiful tube like amaryllis blossom lures in the eye until the viewer is immersed in its beauty. For this, the gorgeous amaryllis represents radiant beauty, the kind that emanates from an inner source and flowers outward.



Like its aquatic namesake, the intricate petals of the anemone massage the air, bringing a quiet beauty and calm to its environment. This is the flower that represents a soothing calm, a means of overcoming adversity and anxiety. Send a hopeful message with a beautiful anemone bouquet.



The beautiful anthurium originates in tropical Hawaii and is the messenger of hospitality. One of the longest lasting tropical flowers, the anthurium welcomes guests with the warmth and joy of the Hawaiian Islands themselves.



Full of many radiant petals, the aster has come to represent patience. So if you wish to send someone a message that you are being patient with them during their trying time, or if you wish to send someone your appreciation for being patient with you, the beautiful aster communicates this meaning with style.


Bird of Paradise

The exotic and beautiful bird of paradise gives the viewer flight on its radiant orange blossoms. This is the flower for someone who needs a lift, a joyous reminder of your undying appreciation.



The one of a kind bouvardia is native to Mexico. The beautiful blossoms of the bouvardia radiate a cool sense of appreciation and enthusiasm. A fresh bouquet of bouvardias is an excellent way to show your appreciation for a job well done.



The subtle beauty of the carnation reveals a deep radiant confidence that illuminates its densely ruffled blossom. This radiance makes the carnation the flower that represents the best qualities of pride. So if you want to show someone you are proud of them, send them a beautiful bouquet of carnations.



The chrysanthemum’s buttery glow has come to represent the golden shine of fidelity. So whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a long, faithful friendship, the message fidelity will radiate with each beautiful chrysanthemum bouquet you send.



The bright sunshine glow of a daffodil represents the new hope and promise of the longer days brought by springtime. The radiant daffodil represents promise and optimism, making this the perfect flower to celebrate a joyous occasion such as a new child, new home, or new job.



Named from the Latin word meaning dolphin, the delphinium’s cluster of pastel flowers represent a heavenly transcendence. This makes the delphinium the ideal flower for celebrating someone’s spiritual accomplishments. Send this graceful flower to recognize someone’s special growth.



This gorgeous flower, also called Eustoma, native to Mexico, has long held an important role in communicating a deep, heartfelt, romantic desire. The meaning of the lisianthus has changed a bit over the years, so that now it communicates charisma and congeniality. Send a bouquet of lisianthus to someone you admire or adore and let them know how much you appreciate their outgoing personality.



The bright, sophisticated blossoms of the freesia spread out against its stem with a grace unmatched in the flower kingdom. This flower epitomizes grace under pressure and is the ideal way to congratulate someone who kept their cool under difficult circumstances.



The sword like stem and blossoms of the beautiful gladiolus are the reason for its name, the gladiolus was originally the flower given to victorious roman gladiators. Through the years the flower has come to represent strength of character.



Long admired for its many practical uses, Heather is a common meadow flower that when taken out of its context and moved indoors, radiates an uncommon aura of beauty and dignity. This flower has come to represent transformation and growth, a change from the regular to the spectacular.



The sublime beauty of the hyacinth has played an important role in mythology and literature alike. The Greeks claimed that hyacinths grew out of the side of one of Apollo’s best mortal friends and they also played a prominent role in T.S. Eliot’s famous poem “The Waste Land.” The delicate, transcendent beauty of the hyacinth has come to symbolize love’s presence over long stretches of time and place.



The hydrangea’s blossom in the shape of a globe has long attracted many admirers. Japanese legend has it that the emperor once sent a bouquet of hydrangeas to apologize to the family of a girl he loved, his only recorded apology. This radiant flower has come to symbolize earnestness, and is ideal for communicating any heartfelt emotion, from joy to grief.



The iris is an astoundingly intense addition to any environment. Its deep purple and blue blossoms contain more depth of color and mystery than any other flower. As a springtime flower, the gorgeous iris has come to represent the eternal promise of renewal, rebirth, and the transformation of monotony into delight.



Since the lilac is both childlike and whimsical but also full of a gentle, sophisticated promise, it is representative of maturation. The pinkish purple petals of the lilac have long been a favorite of events celebrating a growth from innocence into experience, from adolescence into adulthood. This makes the lilac perfect for any occasion where a change from youth to wisdom is heralded.



For many years, the lily was the most exotic flower available. The tiger lily’s strange and alluring dots and stripes promised adventure. This adventure was often thought to lead to wealth and prosperity. Even today, sending a fresh bouquet of lilies communicates a wish for happiness, excitement, and prosperity.



This gorgeous flower, also called Eustoma, native to Mexico, has long held an important role in communicating a deep, heartfelt, romantic desire. The meaning of the lisianthus has changed a bit over the years, so that now it communicates charisma and congeniality. Send a bouquet of lisianthus to someone you admire or adore and let them know how much you appreciate their outgoing personality.


There are some orchids that are so rare and highly prized that to even see one growing in the wild could be said to be a momentous occasion. Our orchids maintain their exotic and delicate allure. Because each orchid has been said to have been given its own personality, the beautiful and unique orchid has become the symbol of love’s power.


The lush, densely ruffled blossom of the peony contains many mysteries. That is why the peony has become the special weapon of those who wish to communicate their love in a secret manner. So whether you’re a secret admirer or the recipient of a lush, lovely bouquet of peonies, you’ll know the special message these flowers contain.



The unique protea is one of the oldest flowers on the planet, dating back at least 300 million years ago. This flower derives its beauty and personality from its thick stalk and strong, radiant flowers. This flower has become the symbol of strength. Send a powerful symbol of strength and courage to someone who has proven their mettle.


Queen Anne's Lace

Beautiful and delicate Queen Anne’s Lace gets its name from a challenge some put to the Queen of England to create lace as beautiful as the flower. Most popular as an addition in arrangements, Queen Anne’s Lace represents the grace a safe environment allows. Add some grace and comfort to an arrangement by adding some beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace.



Smothered in rich, golden light, the ranunculus has long been revered for its assumed alchemical properties. These beautiful flowers are still enjoyed for their ability to communicate a beauty as stunning and welcoming as a gilded statue at the entrance of an ancient city. Show someone how amazed you are by their inner and outer beauty with these gorgeous flowers.



What else can be said about the most royal and spectacular of all flowers, the beautiful rose. Long adored for being the most romantic and sensual of all flowers, the rose maintains its almost magical hold on our minds and hearts. The rose is extremely versatile and is appropriate for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other event in which you want to communicate your deepest love.



No other flower is endowed with the magical ability to speak. When one squeezes the silky blossom of the snapdragon its mouth opens and is reported to reveal deep secrets about the future. If you send someone a beautiful and magical bouquet that will communicate your desire for wishes to come true.



Also known as Sea Lavender, statice is a richly colored flower with beautiful complimentary colors that is also easy to dry, making it a long lasting gem. Because of its longevity, the statice has become the flower of fond memories. Include this flower in a fresh flower arrangement to show someone you miss them.



Strong and radiant, the sunflower is famous for tracking the path of the sun across the sky throughout the day. Shepherds who would come across them would use them to help calculate the time and for this reason the wonderful sunflower is symbolic of timelessness. Send sunflowers to someone you wish to remind of their timeless importance to you.


Sweet Pea

This luscious Italian flower is as rich and complex as the finest tiramisu. The unforgettable scent of the sweet pea is capable of transporting anyone from the most dreary of circumstances to the warmth and pleasure of the most beautiful of lands. This flower has come to represent travel, so send someone a bouquet of beautiful sweet peas if you wish them adventure and excitement.



Long a symbol of the renewing power of spring, the tulip is a lovely sign of light and hope. Tulips are available in a plethora of colors, so choosing exactly the right shade is almost as exciting as receiving a tulip bouquet. Send a bouquet of fresh, luminescent tulips to communicate the renewal of warmth, love, and hope and just to add more light and beauty to any environme