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Flower Care

PURE SEED always used the freshest flowers available to fill your bouquet. When receiving fresh flowers, it is important to know about basic maintenance and care in order to enjoy your gift to its fullest potential. Below are some easy tips to get you started.


Hand Bouquet

  • Remove the lower packaging, the upper gift wrap can be left on if desired or removed with care but do not untie your flowers.untying them may spoil the arrangement  
  • Prepare an appropriate supportive clean vase of fresh deep water and add sachet of flower food
  • Remove the bottom leaves so that no foliage is under water 
  • Cut approximately 3cm off each stem on a slant so there is a larger surface area for the water to be taken up
  • Immediately after cutting place in the prepared vase of water
  • The cooler the room the longer your flowers will last. Remove any faded blooms or foliage as soon as possible. Change the water in the vase twice a week


Flower Arrangement / Basket

  • If you receive an arrangement made in a foam base, it is important to remember that as the flowers drink the water from the foam, it will gradually get dry. 
  • should top up the foam daily with sufficient water to keep the foam moist.
  • Place your arrangement in a cool place on a waterproof surface.
  • Mist spray your arrangement daily.
  • Taking extra care not to touch the flower petal themselves


Opening Stand / Funeral Stand

  • When the stand arrives, check the water level in the stand's container. Add fresh water as needed. The water level will go down in the container due to the flowers drinking and ongoing evaporation. For optimum results, add water daily keeping the level near the top of the container.
  • Be sure to place your fresh flowers in a location that will help preserve their beauty. Avoid putting the standing arrangement in direct sunlight, or areas with drafts, extreme heat or cold.


Vase arrangement

  • Change the water in the vase every two days, giving the stems a fresh cut at the same time
  • Keep your flowers as cool as possible
  • Do not place your flowers above a radiator or any heating appliance
  • Remove any foliage near the bottom of the stems prior to putting into water.
  • Remove any blooms that have gone over to keep your flowers looking their best and encourage remaining blooms to open