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meet the team

Pure Seed opened its doors and creates its first floral background since 1999. Since then, we have become one of the leading online florists in the country, creating floral works of art that have touched the lives os people across the nation and been a part of momentous occasions over the years. Our floral designers are inspired by nature, events and our very own clients, making each creation distinct and meaningful. Their professional expertise and artistic sensitivity has time and again resulted in breathtakingly beautiful creations. We continue to explore and evolve, to provide fresh, creative designs and memorable customer experiences for our discerning clients.

Lee Pure

Founder and Director

Pure Seed is the outlet into which Lee Pure channels her creative and artistic passions. As the Founder and Director of this florist, she has grown and nurtured it through sheer determination and diligence, and continues to be passionate about the flowers that is the foundation of our business. Her great and unique sense of style is evident in every arrangement that we create.


Customer Service Manager

Alice is the epitome of the perfect Customer Service Manager. Her humour and quick wit manage to charm not just the customers, but everyone at Pure Seed who works with her, and her chattiness endears her to those around her. Her personable personality contributes to her talent at problem-solving.


Customer Service Personnel

A young person with an old soul’ would describe Gennie in a single sentence. She is the youngest of the team, yet demonstrates sensibility and smarts beyond her age. We know we can count on her to be attentive and steady in carrying out her work as a Customer Service Personnel.


Customer Service Personnel

Customers who have spoken with Tracy would immediately be taken by her gentle personality and friendliness. As one of our Customer Service Personnel, her courteousness immediately puts the person whom she is speaking with at ease. But more than that, she is exceedingly kind, and it is felt in all her interactions with customers.


Production Manager

Siti is exactly what any business would look for in a Production Manager. Her calmness and decisiveness, especially during peak periods, ensure that our floral arrangements can be completed and delivered on time. Because she is a fast learner, she has become an incredibly capable manager and keeps us on our toes to ensure that our customers receive the perfect flower arrangement that they deserve.


Floral Designer

Bell’s sense of adventure and great energy translate to the designs that she creates. Her adaptability has enabled her to incorporate various creative influences into her work. Besides being a great help to others, her strong sense of responsibility – which pushes her to do her very best – is a great inspiration to the rest of us at Pure Seed.


Floral Designer

Aishah inspires everyone with her dedication to her art. Her energy infuses the flower studio with a cheerful vibe. Her co-operative nature makes her a joy to work with and moves work along at a happy pace.


Floral designer

Michelle grows through self-motivation, a trait that is evident in her work as well as positive personality. Her well-organised approach, together with her ability to be flexible when required, helps her face any challenge thrown at her, and overcome it with optimism and enthusiasm.


Florist Designer

Since joining us, Khaled has proven to be smart and a fast learner, quickly picking up the ins and outs of how our floral studio flows. His adaptable and steady nature has proven to be immeasurably useful when we are at our busiest. Having a warm personality and being a great team player also make his colleagues look forward to working with him every day.


Floral Designer

Silumi is a combination of hard-working and enthusiasm, which makes her a blessing especially when our floral studio is swamped with orders. She is a responsible team player, so we know we can rely on her to complete your orders perfectly and in a timely manner.


Florist Helpder

As an employee, Lina is determined and organised, which helps keep the studio in order as the rest of us are bustling about fulfilling orders. As a colleague, she is quiet, friendly, and considerate towards others, and we are glad to have her as part of our family.


Florist Helper

We rely on friendly Alom to complete the hundreds of floral arrangements made in our studio. His cooperative and helpful attitude makes the work of others easier, and we know we can always turn to him and expect a cheerful response.


Logistic Manager

With the numerous deliveries we have to carry out every day, we are fortunate to have a Logistic Manager as dependable as Lee. He has a strong sense of responsibility and carries out the complicated arrangements with such efficiency that we often marvel at his skill. At times when it gets challenging, his resourcefulness always gets us through.



You might meet easy-going Zam if you order flowers from Pure Seed. He is one of our drivers, and his steady nature makes sure that deliveries are completed in a timely manner. He is a highly productive member of our team, who is also very smart, and this invaluable combination in one individual makes us greatly appreciate having him on our team.

Mr Liew


Mr Liew is such a friendly fellow that you would be delighted to be delivered the floral gift by him. He is also very alert and attentive to his work, which results in the deliveries being kept in excellent condition and completed with minimal errors. Mr Liew often volunteers to help out wherever, whenever he can, and that endears him to the rest of the team.



Keong is not only friendly, but exudes happiness. His sense of humour and often perky mood are infectious; we’re sure even the people who receive the deliveries from him, in that few minutes, can feel it too. He is responsive to requests and happy to help out, and it is our great advantage to have him in our midst.



Sofian’s easy-going nature doesn’t waver even when orders are flowing and schedules are tight. He is a valuable and responsible team player, ensuring orders are delivered properly. Look out for this friendly man when receiving your flowers. 

Lee Fan


We need someone as hard-working and steady as Lee Fan to keep our website - through which we reach customers 24/7 - running like a well-oiled machine. She is well-organised and self-motivated, which means we can always rest assured that is in good hands. On top of that, she is incredibly attentive to details, thoughtful and passionate, which shine through in her work.