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Tabitha Yap, New Zealand

WOW…THE FOLKS AT PURE SEED ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! My mother was staying overnight in the hospital as she was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Unfortunately, I only found out her room number at the last minute and placed my order at 5pm (they close at 5.30pm!), while sincerely imploring (okay, almost begging them to try to deliver it that evening. You see, I live in Auckland, New Zealand and haven seen my mum for a year and really wanted her to know that she was on our minds, plus to give her a special surprise. And would you believe it, after just over an hour, my mum texted me to say she got the gift!!! She was so happy with the fresh flowers and soft toy! THANKS SO MUCH, PURE SEED! YOU MADE OUR DAY!! Will definitely be using your services again and recommending you to all!