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Aminah, KL

I was placing an order 3 days earlier (last friday) from my hubby's birthday..unfortunately the order was cancelled because of my payment cant got thru the system..tried a few time but still failed. I gave up giving surprise to my hubby until i received an email today (monday) which is my hubby birthday from pureseed stating they tried to called me but failed n asked me to call if i wish to proceed with the rejected order. I called to try my luck as i afraid they wont delivery the gift on the same day..Lucky me pureseed guide me to the payment link n the delivery was sucessfully made on the sameday of the payment...The most important thing is the gift was delivered on timea and directly to my hubby office/table without go through other staff in my hubby office..He received the gift with great surprise n love...thanks for your effort pureseed..hope for more in future...
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