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Top 10 Popular Seasonal Flowers

The term seasonal flower refers to flowers associated with a particular season. Seasonal flowers can be found in nature at your local grocery store or online florist. With the ever-changing weather, it can be hard to keep up with what flowers are in season. Flowers are a great way to show your loved ones you care, but it's essential to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck, which means choosing flowers that are currently in season.

If you’re looking for flowers that are great for events or as gifts, we’ve got a list of the top 10 popular seasonal flowers that are in bloom now. Let's dive in and find out more!

Flowers For Spring

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and what better way to start the season than with some stunning seasonal flowers? Here is a list of the top 10 flowers that are perfect for spring:

1.Cherry/ Apple Blossom

A symbol of springtime, the delicate and beautiful cherry blossom is often associated with new beginnings. The tree's flowers start to bloom in late March or early April and can last until May.


A member of the daisy family, cosmos flowers are native to Mexico and Central America. These cheerful flowers come in various colours, including pink, white, purple, and red. They typically bloom from late spring to early summer.


A very delicate and fragrant flower, hyacinths are a popular choice for springtime gardens. They typically bloom from early spring to mid-spring.


These flowers are well known for their large, showy blossoms and are mainly used in wedding decorations. Pure Seed is the best online florist you can order from if you want a hydrangea bouquet in Malaysia.


The lilac is a popular choice for springtime gardens and bouquets. It blooms in late spring and has a sweet, floral scent.

6.Lily of the Valley

This flower is also known as "Our Lady's Tears" and is said to represent purity and innocence. It blooms in early to mid-spring and has a powerful fragrance.


The peony is a popular choice for springtime bouquets to symbolise good fortune and prosperity. The season time for this flower is from early spring to mid-spring.

8.Rose/Garden Rose

The rose symbolises love and appreciation, making it a popular choice for bouquets and gifts. Roses come in various colours, and the season for them is typically from late spring to early summer.


A symbol of springtime, tulips are one of the most popular seasonal flowers. The season for tulips is typically from early spring to mid-spring.

10.Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are a climbing plant that produces delicate and fragrant flowers. The season for sweet peas is typically from late spring to early summer.


Flowers For Summer

Summertime is perfect for enjoying the outdoors surrounded by beautiful seasonal flowers. Here is a list of the top 10 flowers that are perfect for summer:


A member of the buttercup family, primarily used in wedding decorations. The anemone typically blooms from late summer to early fall.

2.Calla Lily

The calla lily is a beautiful trumpet-shaped flower in many colours, including white, pink, yellow, and purple.

3.Casablanca Lily

A soft-coloured lily that is very fragrant. The petals are usually white with purple spots near the centre of the flower.


With a wide variety of colours, the cornflower is a cheerful addition to any summertime garden.

5.Daisy/Gerber Daisy

A symbol of innocence, the daisy is a popular summer flower. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any arrangement.


Also known as "larkspur," this tall flower can add vertical interest to any summer garden.

7.Queen Anne's Lace

A wildflower that is often found in fields and along roadsides. The delicate white flowers of Queen Anne's lace are beautiful in bouquets or as standalone arrangements.


Perfect for adding a pop of colour to any summer garden, rhododendrons come in various colours, including pink, purple, red, and white.

9.Rose/Garden Rose

A classic summer flower, roses are available in various colours. Garden roses have a more informal appearance than traditional long-stemmed roses and are perfect for adding to bouquets or arrangements.


Also known as "Madagascar jasmine," the stephanotis is a white waxy flower often used in wedding bouquets and decorations.

Flower For Autumn

Autumn is a season of change and transition. The temperatures start to cool down, the leaves change colour, and the days get shorter. As the season changes, so do the type of flowers in bloom. If you're looking for a flower that represents this time of year, the top 10 popular seasonal flowers for autumn are:


Asters are known for their daisy-like appearance and ability to attract bees and butterflies.

2.Calla Lily

The Calla Lily is a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.


Chrysanthemums come in various colours and are often used in floral arrangements.


Famous for their showy, brightly-coloured blooms, Dahlias are a must-have for any flower garden.

5.Chocolate Cosmo

As the name suggests, Chocolate Cosmos has a chocolatey scent and is a perfect addition to any fall bouquet.

6.Parrot Tulips

Perfect for birthday flower gift delivery or to brighten up your own home, Parrot Tulips spread happiness with their vibrant colours.


Roses are a classic choice for any season, but their rich colours are especially fitting for autumn.


Looking for a flower that will make you smile? A sunflower bouquet is sure to do the trick.


Also known as sea lavender, statice is a versatile dried flower used in various arrangements.

10.Victorian Lily

The Victorian Lily is a beautiful flower that symbolises purity, elegance, and grace.

Flowers For Winter

If you have a wedding in winter, you'll want to ensure that the flowers you choose are seasonal and will complement your decor. For a winter wedding, try using the following flowers:


It belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and is a popular bulbous plant. It is native to South America, West Indies, and Central America.


Blooms for a short time in winter but is one of the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets.


A member of the Iridaceae family, it is native to South Africa, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any winter bouquet.


The delicate petals of heather make it a beautiful addition to any bouquet or arrangement.


A festive way to add some green to your winter wedding, holly, evergreen, and ivy are popular choices.


Also known as "Eustoma" or "Texas bluebells", this flower blooms in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white.


Making a comeback in popularity, narcissus is perfect for adding a touch of vintage elegance to your winter wedding.

8.Winter Rose

Winter rose varieties differ from traditional roses. The most popular winter roses are the Alba, Bourbon, Centifolia, Damask, and Gallica.


With its delicate petals and wide range of colours, the ranunculus symbolises radiance and beauty.


Violets have been associated with royalty and are often used in bouquets and arrangements for winter weddings.


Final Note

Every season has unique flowers, and each one is beautiful. Those mentioned above are some of the most popular seasonal flowers people love growing and decorating their homes. So, what are you waiting for? Pure Seed help you figure out the best flowers for the season and ensure that your home always looks beautiful.