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How Flowers Can Mend A Broken Heart

Nobody likes to go through heartbreaks - be it rejections, toxic relationships or unrequited love. When we experience those kinds of events in our lives, all we feel is sadness, anger and despair. However, there are several reasons as to how flowers can help broken people feel better.

So, how exactly can flowers help to mend a broken heart? Read on to find out!

1. The colours impacts one’s mood

Yellow is known to be one of the happy colours and is commonly associated with warmth, laughter or fun. When you’re feeling down, any flower in shades of yellow would surely boost one’s mood.

For instance, sunflower bouquets make the perfect choice as it symbolises positivity and strength. Besides that, certain shades of hydrangeas are known to promote relaxation and cheerfulness. To cheer someone up, be sure to go for a hydrangea bouquet that has either purple or blue shades.

2. Certain types of flowers are beneficial for your well-being

There are specific flowers which help to boost one’s well-being, such as gerbera daisies. They are naturally vibrant and could turn anyone’s bad mood into a good one! Gerbera daisies are also commonly placed in a bedroom as it helps to remove toxins in the air.

Receiving a bouquet of ranunculus would instantly uplift someone who’s experiencing a broken heart as it’s a popular choice to boost one’s mood due to how bright and beautiful they are. If you’re not sure what colours to get, the safest options would be either orange or yellow ranunculus flowers.

3. The act of gifting makes a person feel wanted and loved

Giving someone flowers is a sweet gesture that comes from compassion and love. When you surprise someone who’s going through heartbreak with flowers, they’ll feel so loved and wanted despite feeling down.

A rose bouquet is commonly associated with feelings of affection, love and willpower, making it a great choice to motivate someone to pull through the pain and come up stronger than ever before.

4. Nature is known to improve mood

Without a doubt, nature is one of the best ways to improve one’s mood and overall well-being. Even the sight of flowers in general makes you feel at peace and joy! Imagine being surrounded by beautiful, gorgeous flowers all around - who wouldn’t feel better while going through a tough time?

5. Scent of flowers make you feel good

Certain flowers such as peonies or lychee roses tend to affect one’s mood, in a good way. The scent of fresh flowers is just simply too alluring, that it’ll put anyone in a better mood upon smelling them.

Furthermore, breathing in the scent of flowers could trigger the happy hormones found in the human brain. Once these happy hormones are activated, it’ll promote happy and positive feelings.

How To Choose The Right Flowers

When you engage with a florist in Klang Valley, most of the time they would already have a set of options for you to choose from. However, if you’re struggling to choose the correct flower arrangement for your struggling friend, below is a simple guide you can refer to:

Step 1: Choose the appropriate colour

You should always choose bright colours instead of dull ones such as yellow or pink. You can also opt for flower bouquets consisting of their favourite colours.

Step 2: Decide the type of flowers

Try to go for the type of flowers that are unique such as iris, peonies or orchids. Certain people are allergic to specific types of flowers too. Hence, you should find out if they have any allergies before purchasing a flower bouquet.

Step 3: Identify your preferred flower arrangement

Are you looking to buy a small or big flower bouquet? A general rule of thumb is that getting bigger bouquets would signify a grand gesture that’ll make someone feel so loved compared to a smaller one. Aside from that, you can also decide between getting a vase arrangement of bright coloured flowers or just a simple rose hand bouquet.

Step 4: Engage with a trusted online florist

These days, it’s easy to get fresh flowers delivered to your loved ones. To find decent florists to hire, go through their online reviews as they can help you decide which ones to engage with. If you’re getting flowers last minute, you’ll need to look out for florists which offer same day flower delivery services within Malaysia. Usually, it’ll be stated on their website or social media pages.

Make someone’s day with flowers!

When it comes to helping someone who’s heartbroken, flowers are the perfect way to show that you’re there for them! The best part is that you don’t need to go out of your way and visit a physical store when you can simply place your orders online - anytime, anywhere.