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Guide to Order Condolence Flowers in Malaysia

Sadly, people around you will pass before your time comes. Some will be family, some will be friends, and others will be friends of friends. One of the most underrated skills of this millennium is knowing how to order condolence flowers.

Why are condolence flowers important? Maybe you've lost your sibling, parent, spouse, or worse, your child. Maybe you didn't directly know the deceased but would like to support those who did. Condolence flowers serve as a gesture of sympathy and solidarity with the grieving family.

Right from the passing, varying stages of grief and mourning come with different ceremonies and events to commemorate the deceased. Many decisions linger, but none are as crucial as funeral arrangements.

man in front of funeral flower arrangement

The host family and guests are always confronted with the grim and solemn task of making condolence floral arrangements during times of mourning and funeral services.

It's often challenging to decide what type of condolence flowers or the size and types of arrangements to order. Oftentimes, it helps to have an experienced friend or family member to help with these decisions.

The Different Funeral Flower Arrangement Types

Casket Wreath

casket wreath funeral flower arrangement 

A casket wreath is a floral arrangement shaped like a horseshoe placed on the casket during a funeral service. It's usually reserved for the closest family members, such as spouses, siblings, or children.

Casket spray

Casket sprays are generally more elaborate and expensive than other types of funeral floral arrangements. It's tradition to place them on the casket, not give them to the host family after the funeral.

Pallbearers, ushers, and other mourners may receive a small version of the casket spray as a show of appreciation for their services.

Standing Spray

standing spray funeral flower

A standing spray is a large arrangement of flowers placed on a tripod stand. You can place it on the floor next to the casket or against a wall in the funeral hall.

The standing spray is usually reserved for close friends and family members.


funeral flower bouquet

Bouquets are traditional gifts given to the bereaved family after the funeral service. They are generally smaller than other funeral floral arrangements, and you can give them to anyone you prefer in the grieving family.

Potted Plant

Potted plants are an excellent way of showing you care without going overboard. They are also a great option if you're not sure of the family's religious beliefs or culture, as they can be taken home and kept after the funeral service.

Guide to Buying Condolence Flowers in Malaysia

It takes social skills and floral design exposure to make an appropriate condolence flower order. Here's your definitive guide on how to order condolence flowers and mitigate a sad situation.

1. Know Your Place

Who are you in the scheme of things? Start by understanding and appreciating your relationship with the deceased and the immediate family. Are you a blood relative? A close friend? A business associate?

Knowing your place will help you gauge what's appropriate to order. For example, the casket wreath is a reserve of the closest family members, such as spouses, siblings, or children.

As a general rule of thumb, the more significant the relationship, the bigger or more significant the arrangement you should order.

Close friends and business partners can order a standing spray or basket arrangement. And for more casual acquaintances, a small potted plant is an excellent option to show you care without going overboard.

2. Appreciate Cultural Sensitivity

When ordering condolence flowers, be mindful and respectful of the grieving family's culture, religion, and traditions. Some cultures have specific customs and religious rituals that should be adhered to when attending a funeral service or sending flowers.

For example, Jewish families don't accept condolence flowers, while Buddhists avoid red flowers as they are used on happy occasions. Some westerners in Malaysia appreciate the color code of roses, and sending red roses to a funeral is inappropriate for them.

Ask the florist to create an arrangement with white flowers only when in doubt. White is a color that is universally accepted in all cultures and religions as it symbolizes purity, peace, and serenity.

3. Budget According to Your Means

The most significant condolence flower arrangement is not always the most expensive. It would help if you stayed within your budget and ordered an arrangement you can afford without straining yourself.

An excellent way of doing this is by calling the florist in advance and requesting a few cheaper options within your budget.

4. Choose the Appropriate Flower Type

The type of flower will also play a role in the floral arrangement you eventually choose. Different flowers have varying meanings, and some are more appropriate than others for a funeral.

Let's go over some commonly acceptable flowers for condolence purposes in Malaysia, discussing their connotations and best accenting colors.


white rose for funeral

Roses are the classic go-to choice for most occasions, happy or sad. For funerals, white roses are an excellent option as they symbolize purity, peace, and serenity. They work best as focal flowers in an arrangement, and you can accent them with greenery.

Red roses are generally avoided, as they are associated with love and happy occasions. Yellow roses can be used but take care as they also symbolize happiness and joy.


white lilies funeral

Lilies are another go-to choice for funerals, as they represent innocence and purity. They work best as focal flowers in an arrangement, and white lilies are the most popular choice.

Lilies thrive best in baskets and vases, and their long stems can make them challenging to work within a bouquet.


Carnations are versatile and can suit all sorts of condolence arrangements. They come in many colors, each representing a different emotion.

For example, white carnations represent purity and innocence, while red carnations represent love and admiration. Pink carnations are an emotive choice as they symbolize remembrance.

Carnations work well alone as potted plants or as accents in more significant arrangements.


chrysanthemum for funeral

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are another excellent choice for condolence flowers. White chrysanthemums represent truth and sincerity, but other colors are inappropriate as they represent different emotions.

Red chrysanthemums, for example, represent love, while yellow mums symbolize jilted love. Chrysanthemums work best as filler flowers in an arrangement and are commonly used in sprays and wreaths.

Fresh Flower Delivery

Sending condolence flowers is an excellent way of showing your respects to the grieving family. It would help if you choose an appropriate arrangement for the occasion, within your budget and respectful of the recipient's culture and religious beliefs.

At Pure Seed, we have a wide range of condolence flowers and floral arrangements. Our floral designers have experience creating arrangements for all sorts of occasions, and they will be more than happy to help you choose the right flowers for your needs.

We offer same-day flower delivery in Kuala Lumpur.