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A Beginner's Guide to Flower Arrangements

Flowers are all around us, and we can even grow them in balcony vases. How do you pluck flowers and arrange them most appealingly when they bloom in the fields and your backyards? Flower arrangements can add a special touch to any home or event.

Life is vibrant, and so are flowers. Flowers make life exciting, and flower arrangements can bring that excitement to new heights. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something grand, there's a flower arrangement perfect for any occasion.

At Pure Seed, we have the most passionate and experienced floral designers, producing the most exquisite rose bouquet Malaysia can offer. 

We believe selecting the most befitting flower arrangement for the right occasion is the most underrated skill. It can make or break your brand and personal relations. So, here's a simple guide to the most popular types of flower arrangements.

What Are Bouquets?

A bouquet is a large bunch of flowers traditionally presented as a gift. A bouquet usually consists of different varieties and colors of flowers, arranged attractively (think round or cascading).

Focal flowers are placed at the center of the bouquet. Qualities of excellent focal flowers include large size, bright colors, and striking shapes. The flower stock/ stem of focal points should be ideally slender but sturdy to hold the entire bouquet together.

Some of the best focal flowers are snapdragons, sunflowers, roses, and orchids.

Filler flowers are also essential in making up a bouquet. Adding small flowers to the arrangement can add texture and create a full, balanced look.

Contrasting fillers against the focal flowers can create an exciting and eye-catching display. Examples of filler flowers are babies-breath, statice, alstroemeria, and wax flowers.

What Are Flower Boxes?

Live flowers that ensure more flowers tomorrow are more meaningful than cut flowers that’ll be gone tomorrow.

A flower box is a charming way to present live flowers in an attractive, eye-catching manner. The box houses a planter filled with soil, seeded with various flower species.

Depending on the custom design and intended purpose, you can have indoor or outdoor flower boxes. Outdoor flower boxes are more popular as most households prefer pots and planters indoors.

Moreover, outdoor flower boxes are more spacious to accommodate extra flower species and can also become a part of landscaping. Some of the most popular species for flower boxes are:

  • Succulents
  • Ferns
  • Lilies
  • Chrysanthemums 

Giving someone a flower box shows your concern for their future is greater than for the present. It’s an excellent gift to show someone you love them, not just now but also tomorrow.

What Are Vase Arrangements?

Vase arrangements are one of the most popular flower arrangements today. They allow flowers an extra leash of life and can be used to decorate the sides of tables or even as centerpieces.

They're suitable for indoor and outdoor use, from home interior decor, wedding receptions, and condolence flowers to dinner parties and casual gatherings.

The flowers should be arranged aesthetically, with eye-catching colors and shapes, ensuring the stems are of uniform length.

Mono-botanical arrangements (one flower species) often look best. Roses, hydrangeas, and lilies are some of the most popular flowers for vase arrangements.

What Are Floral Stands?

Floral stands, also known as plinths or pedestals, are perfect for making a grand statement with flower arrangements. They’re usually placed in hallways and foyers to greet guests. They also function as condolence flowers, especially during funerals.

From grim to grandiose functions, floral stands only work as best as the florist behind the floral selection and flower arrangement.

For example, the choice of colors, contrast, and flower choice for a wedding floral stand should differ from one for a funeral. Red roses go well with weddings, while white lilies suit funerals more.

Moreover, the filler flowers suitable for happy occasions should differ from those suitable for solemn ones. A good florist can make all the difference in creating an effective floral stand.

Bonus Type: Artificial Flower Arrangements

Although artificial flowers are not as popular as their live counterparts, they’re still widely available and used on many occasions. Artificial flowers have longer shelf lives than real flowers and can be used to decorate for longer.

For example, artificial flowers can be used as centerpieces or decorations during theater plays. Artificial flower stands are also popular in many households due to their low maintenance cost and long lifespan.

The key is to choose the right kind of material. Silk flowers are the most common, but nowadays, artificial flowers come in paper and latex materials too.

The advantage of using artificial flower arrangements is that you can choose and mix colors to suit your needs without worrying about availability or seasonal limitations. Moreover, you can store them for future uses with minimal care.

Extra Flower Arrangement Hint: Flowers Have Varying Meanings

Consider the meaning of each flower the next time you select a table arrangement flower or choose a hand bouquet. Different flowers have different meanings, which can add additional layers and deepen the sentiment of your gift.

For example, red roses imply love, while lilies signify innocence and purity. Ordering flowers from Pure Seed saves you from trivial misunderstandings as we take time to explain the meanings behind various flowers.

In conclusion, flower arrangements come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a bouquet, a vase arrangement, or an artificial one, each can help to express your feelings and convey a message to the recipient.

You can order online for same-day flower deliveries in Malaysia. Our floral experts and the logistical team will help you deliver your designer flower arrangements in no time.