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Su-Ching, Singapore

I have no prior dealings with any KL florist. I googled, found that they had classy bouquets (hydrangea) and decided they will be THE ONE. Any orders which go in before 1pm will be delivered same day. I was impressed. Just what I need. Paid 11.15am (paypal possible), called them immediately (from Singapore) (they spoke good English) and asked them to look out for my order. Asked for 230-330pm delivery as well as a photo of final product. By 1125am, they wrote to say they can deliver only between 2-4pm, and by 12pm they sent me a photo of the bouquet. At 254pm they wrote to say bouquet had been delivered at 220pm. If only all companies were like them ! Also if you subscribe they give you some points which can be offset against delivery charges. I can't ask for anymore. They were just PERFECTION. Thank you Tracy and Alice! KISSES!
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